(re)introducing me

this is a reference to the hit! track by nick jonas
  1. i, katie whitt, downloaded this terrible app for two reasons. my lover grace aka @lesbian is on here and i just do whatever she does because she is cool and my gay icon and also because my FATHER @bjnovak made it
  2. i have been gone for a long time because i replaced my phone because i broke it because i am clumsy garbage and so the app was gone and i never ever redownloaded it
  3. SO in order to get us reacquainted, i will be sharing some fun facts
    that's in caps because i love being bi
  5. i still only listen to the front bottoms
    that it
  6. i LOVE christian akridge
    he originated from VINE i KNOW but he's really genuinely funny and cute and talented and i love him and always have and always will
  7. bo burnham is so good and my favorite stand up comedian
    don't talk to me about make happy like at all don't do it we can talk about what. but just don't look at me
  8. i still like one direction
    it was cool when i had the app last time but like i still just love them so much okay look
  9. i have not seen any star wars movie ever
  10. i am so fucking dramatic about everything
    i will claim to be dying 90 times on a slow day
    it took me 8 hours to type this and tbh there will probably be at least one typo and you're just going to have to deal with it
  12. here's what i look like in case you forgot
    love me some chili cheese fritos
  13. that's all
    please love me