i stole this from @lesbian and she hates me
  1. i scream a lot i just get rlly excited
  2. when i talk about my bisexuality
    ppl don't see it comin and then i talk about it and a lot of my friends are like "wHaatT but u seem so sTraight???1??"
  3. i love telling people how much i care about them!!!!
  4. i make a lot of eye contact
  5. i will text u 99 times in a row i have no pride
  6. i don't brush my hair
    i have curly hair and people will try to touch it and then they're like "ew why don't u brush ur hair" look it adds to my lazy messy indie teen aesthetic let me live
  7. i use really gross abbreviations when i text
    soz, rlly, srry, thx, wlx, omg, ttyl, etc basically i'm a trash human and i love it
  8. only listen to one band ever
  9. what can i say!!!!!!!