1. He has the goofiest laugh
    Okay I know you've all see the vine of him laughing at the haters in a pair of wayfarers. Hi yes. You are very cute and you know it
  2. He's a pouter
    His brooding look goes with his song lyrics. DRAKE I WILL LOVE YOU THE RIGHT WAY, you'll never have to write sad songs about me
  3. His lyrics are applicable to my fucked love life
    "Ever since I left the city you got exactly what you asked for, running out of pages on your passport, hanging with some girls I've never seen before" hi okay the woes of my life in one verse. "Regret got shit on what you're feeling now mad cause (s)he ain't like me, oh you mad cause no one ever did it like me" I hope you're mad cause you should be!
  4. His voice is...
    Smoother than marble? Raspy and gorgeous? Round and full? So reassuring during times of turmoil?
  5. This photo
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  6. He drove an Acura to schoooooool
  7. Maybe I should rename this list as "reasons drake and I should be together"