5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

Seems an easy place to start for my first list ;)
  1. At least half the pix in my phone are of my pets, mostly my dogs, mostly this one - Rockie. She's 9 now but she's 1 in this pic.
  2. My other husky - K'eyush is 10, he's about 7 here. And hoping for food (you can see it in his vacant gaze).
  3. I was a little surprised to see a wall of rifles in my local Canadian Tire. I wouldn't have noticed but I was taking a goat selfie (as we all do) and there they were, in the background ...
  4. This is Kinky (broken tail, I lost the argument over her name, moving on) She's the one most likely to bite you, btw, so pics like this can be misleading!
  5. Took me all of 5 min of research to nail down the details of my SNL-themed bday party/Halloween costume last year. Thanks, interwebs!