1. Grapes (red) / strawberries/ blueberries
  2. Green, orange, red peppers(1each)/ 6-10 habeneros/ 2 avacados/ lime/ garlic cloves
  3. Bread ( whole grain and marble rye) / large pack Mission flour tortillas/ hotdog buns
  4. Raspberry preserves/ cereal (2 each fruit loops WITH MARSHMELLOS& blue berry frosted mini wheats/ lg welches fruit snacks/ syrup
  5. Chips-Tostitos; Doritos-ranch&spicey nacho; BBQ Lays
  6. Juice- Simply orange; Dole strawberry banana mango/ fairtrade brand whole milk/ caramel macchiato creamer/ whipcream
  7. Lg bag shredded Colby-jack; 2 blocks pepper-jack/ dozen egg lands best eggs, applewood smoked bacon/2 choc chip cookie dough/ kosher dill pickle/ Hebrew national hotdogs
  8. DELI- peppered chicken & smoked ham(one lb each)/ Munster & baby Swiss cheese lb each/ beef chuck roast
  9. 3-4 bagatelli frozen thin crust pizzas/ blueberry frozen waffles/ Kemps double cookie caramel crunch and pistachio ice cream/ ice cream sandwiches
  10. Soda- 12pks eac Sunkist orange and strawberry & berry and whiteout Mountain Dew/ bag of fun size choc candy mix