1. When you drink more water, you have to pee more.
    I mean, seriously. Yeah, my skin might be more glowy, but is it worth all of the trips to the bathroom that probably make my coworkers think I have a problem?
  2. That book they suggested will make you lose sleep.
    And not because it's scary--because you'll be up all night reading it.
  3. When the girl asks for your email at checkout to send you occasional promo emails, she really means 5 a day.
    I mean really Victoria's Secret--how much underwear could one person possibly need?
  4. In that TV show they want you to watch, your favorite character will die.
    But only AFTER you've become so attached to them you sob at their death, and when your roommate walks in, they think someone actually died.
  5. Jumping up and down off the workroom counter to get in the cupboards for supplies is not normal.
    After getting a lot of stares and laughs, I finally realized that's only what 4'11" girls do. Perhaps a stool is in order.
  6. The kid you're about to babysit just messed his diaper.
    And the parents left it for you.
  7. EDIT: The moment you publish your first list, you'll experience self-doubt about how good it actually is.
    But don't worry, because the people on this app are some of the nicest I've ever met on the World Wide Web!