It's my duty as her sister and maid of honor to make this list. Hey @zoe, @bonifaceviii, @amyamy, @sophia, @magdalenam, @videodrew, @lenadunham, @dev and EVERYONE else. Help me out!
  1. She loves what she loves and is not embarrassed one bit.
    Survivor. Sweet Valley High. Diet Coke. This list is long.
  2. She has the best spirit.
    Like actually the best. Being in her presence makes you feel like the only person on the planet.
  3. She told her Lupus story to a bunch of people who've never met her IRL, and we all cried about it and loved her more
    Brave. Seriously.
  4. She becomes possessed by things and cannot stop talking about them.
    ListApp, Candy Crush, Shark Tank...
  5. She is the fastest reader ever.
    I'm convinced she reads in her sleep.
  6. She got a 5 on the AP Euro exam and DIDN'T EVEN TAKE THE CLASS.
    BC Calc conflicted with it. Natch. I love this story.
  7. NOTE: This is my longest list ever because I'm terrible at typing on my phone.
    @mandi I'm doing this for you.
  8. She is so beautiful and has the greatest smile and is loyal as FUCK and is kind to everyone she meets and gives great constructive notes and is incredibly supportive to everyone she loves and she has earned every inch of her happiness and I LOVE YOU @mandi
    Suggested by @zoe
  9. She cares so hard! I say this as someone who's never met her in person. Her energy just vibrates through the listapp-sphere and it's infectious and inspiring. Congrats @mandi
    Suggested by @meganangelo
  10. She is so ride or die. For people and also everything else. (Like Survivor and T Swift.) Also so so supportive and encouraging and just makes you feel like you are the best, even if you're not feeling your best. And she'll always split that last glass of wine so you can keep talking about boys. @mandi
    Suggested by @magdalenam
  11. From online friend to an IRL homie. So smart, genuine, and funny as af! @mandi is 💯and I ❤️ her.
    Suggested by @MissBicks
  12. Because she's the awesomesauceest and makes you feel like you are best friends within thirty seconds of meeting her. Congrats @mandi !
    Suggested by @juliebux