Best TV shows of the last 10 years

  1. Breaking Bad
    Hands down, the most chilling character evolution of every single main character.
  2. Sex and the City
    Made you feel like you knew these women completely. Even if you didn't want to be them, you knew them through and through.
  3. Friday Night Lights
    Kyle Chandler embodied the most decent, honorable character ever written and was so handsome while doing it. Connie Britton was his equal in every way. They were just so perfect.
  4. The Office
    Not just because of BJN-such clearly defined characters in a setting we could all relate to. We could all ask ourselves which character we were.
  5. Mad Men
    Jon Hamm..enough said.
  6. The Sopranos
    James Gandolfini was scary and sympathetic at the same time...thought the ending was great.
  7. The Daily Show
    I miss Jon Stewart every single day. We need him now more than ever. Watch his 7/20 tirade on the Colbert show if you have any doubt.
  8. Veep
    Non-stop hilarity has turned a little scary this season because of the real-life parallels of that clown, Trump but otherwise, laugh out loud funny.