All of the things that I enjoy doing now that I pay my own bills and plunge my own clogged toilets.
  1. Attending highly anticipated movies only after they've been out for several weeks, and preferably at a matinee showing.
    Along with the rest of the (largely senior citizen) matinee enthusiast audience, I really enjoy discounted admission rates, better choice of seats, and a reduced chance that anyone in the vicinity will throw popcorn or spend the entire film giggling and making out.
  2. TED talks.
    When you're out of your movie by three o'clock on a Saturday afternoon, it leaves Saturday evening wide open for TED talks. Frozen pizza and TED talks for two!
  3. Discount shopping.
    There is a lot to be said for the thrill of getting a license, traveling independently for the first time, and graduating from college; but let me tell you about the 108 rolls of toilet paper that I just ordered. They were A STEAL. We are so stocked for the winter. (I should also point out that one could feasibly discount shop online while watching TED talks and eating pizza).
  4. HGTV.
    I hate it when the new couple picks the modern high rise that the husband clearly only agreed to because he hasn't yet learned to say no to his wife. Your instincts are correct, sir. That backsplash is hideous.
  5. Decorating, cleaning, and organizing.
    What do you think of my throw pillows? Yes I HAVE switched to a different floor cleaner, thank you for noticing the shine!