SOMEBODY (me) decided it would be cool (it's just approaching cool) to eat REALLY healthy for the four weeks before I leave for a beach vacation and meal plan this week. This entails cooking MASS amounts of healthy food in advance for the whole week.
  1. Good God, I am super lucky to be able to complain about eating a crap ton of food...... Now I feel guilty....
  2. But on to my actual thoughts- THIS IS SO MUCH WORK!!!! All this chopping, all these dishes I'm using?!!
  3. How am I gonna fit all this in my fridge?!?
  4. How am I gonna remember to eat all this!!!???
  5. I need more food containers!!!
  6. My kitchen has been destroyed by a mad chef!!
  7. All this food and none of it is super tasty or exciting. Nothing is fried, no butter, no dairy..... What have I done?!
  8. I mean.... The rest of the week will be easier now, right?!?
  9. I better look fucking GOOD on this beach.