1. Ramsey Bolton
    The most hated GOT character since Goffrey choked on some haterade.
  2. Goffrey
    Haven't gotten over him yet...
  3. Shane from Walking Dead
    The worlds worst best friend, zombie apocalypse or no.
  4. Gemma from Sons of Anarchy
    That diabolical biker bitch ruined Jax's whole life. Her death amongst the roses was poetic justice if I ever saw it.
  5. Louis Litt from Suits.
    Just the sound of his voice puts me in fight mode.
  6. The Attorney General from Making a Murderer
    Technically not an actor but it is a TV show and this dude is the sleaziest, most corrupted, crooked justice system figure I have ever encountered. He was born to be hated.
  7. Pete Campbell from Mad Men
    The last guy you'd ever want to work with.