1. #1. Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department - Parks and Rec. Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson are my bosses? Yes. I can be a public servant and serve the greater good? Yes. Chris Pratt is there? YAS!!
  2. #2. Dunder Mifflin - The Office. Everyone knows that a workplace isn't really about what you do, it's the people you do it with and no workplace had more soul than Dunder Mufflin.
  3. #3. Shulman & Associates - The Mindy Project. Almost all my reasons are based on Nurse Morgan Tookers - one of my favorite supporting characters of all time. Every scene he is in makes me smile. He would keep me coming to work every day.
  4. #4. Chicago's County General - ER. The obvious choice is Grey-Sloan Memorial from Grey's Anatomy but based on all the terrible things that happen to the employees there, I'll pass. General saw its share of tragedy but overall the drama was the good juicy kind that makes it the type of place you sort of hate to work but are too entertained to leave.
  5. #5. The X-Files of the FBI - The X-Files. This one's easy. I want to believe.