In my view no name is more boring than Christopher. And given my last name is one of the more common last names (Jones) I wish she would've tried harder. Maybe this can be saved for future kids...
  1. Seven
    Maybe a trendy name now but this was before the movie and Andre 3000 named his kid Seven. Supposedly this was what my mother was going to name me but went with Chris. She decided to insert Seven into my middle name...Steven.
  2. Humphrey
    Humphrey Bogart is my mothers favorite actor of all time so it only makes sense for her to have considered this. Plus with a nickname like Bogie how could I have not become a professional golfer.
  3. Miles
    I was raised on Bitches Brew, Kind of Blue and 'Round About Midnight so it only made since Miles Davis to be in consideration.
  4. Howard
    It was my grandfathers name and my mother loved her dad. She was is favorite kid, so I could see that being her way of honoring the man. His nickname was Toothpick and I've made it my own now.
  5. Vincent or Pablo or Rembrandt
    My mother loves art and she was a great artist herself. She stopped after having me. Unfortunately I got none of her skills in drawing.