A few observations after rewatching the WB show Felicity 18 years later

It's Summer. Very few options on TV so I simply decided to re-watch Felicity on Hulu because 1) I don't remember the finale and 2) was looking for something melodramatic yet mindless. When this aired, I was an impressionable young girl about to graduate High School myself and living vicariously through this character.
  1. The first season seemed to be permanently stuck in Autumn. How can one person own so many ugly sweaters? I'm talking to you Felicity.
  2. What's with the overly done mood lighting? Everyone's face is half lit and the rooms are all inadequately lit for a place where college kids are supposed to be studying/living.
  3. This show would not be as dramatic this day and age. With the absence of land lines and ubiquitous cellphones most of these stories would just not occur in the same way. Don't think she would be recording voice messages to [sic] mail to Sally; instead she would be annoying Sally the modern way, FaceTime like the rest of us.
  4. Noel's character and his stance on Apple vs PC reminds me just how much I hated that tech savvy guy who was vehemently opposed to PC's. Dude I get it: PC = bad, Apple =good; some of us just couldn't afford Apple products back then.
  5. Felicity was a naive and annoying meddler in the first season. There I said it.