You know what goes well with binge watching? Binge drinking! Drink every time...
  1. The Office
    Someone looks directly at the camera, Jim messes with Dwight, Michael does something immature, a conference room meeting is called, Pam answers the phone, Angela gets mad, and someone mentions Oscar being gay
  2. Bob's Burgers
    Tina moans or says 'butts,' Bob says "oh my god," Louise does something sketchy, Gene mentions farts, Linda tries to steal the spotlight, Andy and Ollie show up, and Jimmy Jr. dances
  3. Mad Men
    They drink and they smoke. That's seriously all you need. If you're a real Don Draper at heart, add in every time they meet with a client. Your poor liver.
  4. Parks and Rec.
    Leslie mentions a park, Andy shines a shoe, Ron mentions meat or breakfast, Ann has a new boyfriend, someone disses Jerry, Chris says "lit-rally" and Tom has his own "swag" word for something or a business idea
  5. Doctor Who
    The Doctor says his catch phrase, someone says "Doctor... who?", you hear the word "exterminate", you see the Tardis, Harriet Jones introduces herself (we know), and you see an alien
  6. Game of Thrones
    You see a naked body part, someone drinks wine and every time someone dies
  7. Friday Night Lights
    They play football, Coach Taylor yells at someone, Tami says y'all, and Tim Riggins drinks a beer
  8. Gilmore Girls
    Someone drinks coffee, Friday night dinner is shown, Lorelei mentions the inn, Sookie is confused about what Lorelei is talking about, and Rory talks about school - BONUS: every time a pop culture reference is made
  9. Grey's Anatomy
    Someone hooks up in the hospital, there's an awkward encounter in the elevator, someone makes a mistake during surgery, and someone cries - BONUS: every time a beeper goes off
  10. How to Get Away with Murder
    Someone lies, they're in class, there's weird sexual tension between Annalise and Wes or Frank and Laurel, Asher makes a douche comment, someone calls Michaela a princess, Connor hooks up with a guy (or talks about it), and the trophy is seen or mentioned