Thanks, mom.
  1. Salsa
    Specifically the Safeway brand, "Southwest Salsa." Probably have consumed 2,000 of these tubs. Thanks mom, for the ultimate after school snack.
  2. Chewy Bars
    Breakfast, lunch, snack - there's a Chewy bar for that. Car rides, pre-dinner, quick energy boost - there's a Chewy bar for that. Thanks mom, for buying these in bulk with every flavor.
  3. Cereal
    Every. Single. Morning. Also a fantastic midnight snack. Thanks mom, for letting us eat sugary goodness instead of boring eggs.
  4. Cheese
    In every form. Sliced, stick, shredded, melted, dip, slab, block - American, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Mozzarella, Swiss - literally every way to have cheese, I have had it. Thanks mom, for putting cheese on every meal and making cheese slices a go-to snack option.
  5. Go-Gurt
    Not yogurt, only Go-Gurt. Have you ever had a frozen strawberry splash flavored Go-Gurt?! If not, have you even lived?? Thanks mom, for making yogurt fun by buying it in a colorful tube and letting us freeze it so we could pretend it was a Popsicle.