Six words can say a lot.
  1. Didn't shower, my ex was there.
  2. The glass is empty again, fuck.
  3. Forgot to water my plants, again.
  4. Being drunk is literally always fun.
  5. Please stop stealing the fucking covers.
  6. Cried in front of my boss.
  7. Fuck, I'm always late for work.
    Suggested by   @parktm
  8. Wake up, snooze. Wake up, snooze.
    Suggested by   @britni
  9. My bed is calling my name!
    Suggested by   @kate81
  10. This can't be my real life.
    Suggested by   @ashleyapproved
  11. Can't stop crying over spilled milk.
    Suggested by   @thebestSR