"It's only a few dollars... I can afford that... I deserve it... it's Friday... I'll just add one more to my cart... there's a $20 minimum so obviously I'm getting an appetizer..."
  1. Cups
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    It sounds really weird, but every time I see a cute mug design or cool cup, I buy it. I don't need any more cups and I definitely don't have room for them. But seriously, what's cuter than a mug in a sweater??? It was only a dollar!!
  2. Books
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    My bookshelves are overwhelmed with books I haven't even read, and yet I see a good review on Goodreads or a celebrity's Instagram of the book they're reading and I rush to Amazon to order it. Why???
  3. Food
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    It is well known that buying groceries and cooking is cheaper (and healthier) than ordering food. But I hate cooking. And I love food. And that's how all my money ends up going to my stomach - pizza, wraps, Chinese, chipotle, Panera...
  4. Necklaces
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    I tell myself I'm too poor to buy new clothes so I binge buy $3 necklaces on sites like Forever 21 to change up outfits I already have. Butttttt by the time I've bought 5 shitty necklaces to add to my collection, I could've gotten something that I could actually wear and would probably last a lot longer. *sigh*
  5. Tickets
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    I tell myself these are worth it because when I'm rich (hahahah) I'll look back on the awesome experiences of the shows or concerts I went to and that's what I'll remember and appreciate. Might prove to be true, but still an impulse buy whenever Bandsintown alerts me to what's coming up and may result in no groceries that week.
  6. Alcohol
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    Jk, this is a necessity. Never too poor for alcohol.
  7. 7/$27 Victoria's Secret
    Yes I always need new panties
    Suggested by @parktm
  8. Coffee
    No excuse for this one. I have a Nespresso machine but somehow I walk by a Coffee Bean or a Starbucks and it just happens.
    Suggested by @JenniferVazquez