Literally just pictures of Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights looking sexy AF.
  1. Tim Riggins in uniform
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    I'll be your rally girl
  2. Tim Riggins in the morning
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    Can I wake up to this every morning?
  3. Tim Riggins in his truck
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    Gonna pull a Becky and ask for a ride... every day
  4. Tim Riggins as a boyfriend
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    Pretending that's me
  5. Tim Riggins with a baby
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    He will be the hottest DILF
  6. Tim Riggins protecting Julie
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    Willing to weather any storm in those arms
  7. Tim Riggins in his truck part two
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  8. Tim Riggins at the beach
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  9. Tim Riggins in the bathroom
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  10. Tim Riggins being Tim Riggins
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    Texas forever