I download apps a lot. I have an obsession with trying new apps, always looking for the best and most perfect one. Right now I have 90 apps downloaded on my phone, not including ones I can't delete. Apps I've downloaded that aren't currently on my phone: 270. These are my favorites.
  1. Google keep
    This is probably my most used app ever. I love it with every fiber of my wannabe organized soul. I love that I can write notes; I love that I can color code my notes; I love that I can use tags; I love that I can add people to my notes and they can add to them; I love that it works on any device; I love that I can set reminders. I wish there were more colors available and I could use bulleted and numbered lists, but other than that, it's the best app to happen to me in a long time.
  2. Day One
    I actually keep a vaguely regular record of my life and my daughter, which I figure she'll appreciate someday, especially the fact that it's private and not plastered all over the internet. The new version allows for attaching multiple photos to entries, but ditched Dropbox backup, so I haven't tried it. But it's an awesome journal app if you want to a private version of social media. You know no one reads half of what you post anyway.
  3. Voice Memos
    This one is automatically on my phone but I just recently discovered how awesome it is. My husband sends voice memos to our daughter when he's gone and she likes being able to hit play repeatedly. I could also be lazy and record me reading a story for those times when I don't want to read something for the millionth time.
  4. Podcasts
    Podcasts are awesome. There are so many and you can download them to listen to offline.
  5. Pandora and Spotify
    Because I love music and they both work well for different things. I love putting my Pandora stations on shuffle, and I love my favorites playlist on Spotify (currently at 181 songs).