But that's it. Someday, I'll get trapped in a groundhog's day spiral and progress beyond step one of all of these. I'm not sure if this list is hopeful or just depressing.
  1. Watercolor painting
    So far, I've painted a total of 20 minutes
  2. Acrylic painting
    One painting in a class, lots of YouTube tutorials, and lots of crumpled paper.
  3. Precious metal clay (PMC)
    One class. It was fun, but I just never really did it again.
  4. Metal smithing
    Ditto, though it was a college class.
  5. Lamp working
    I actually did this for slightly longer, but without a good torch and a real kiln, I got frustrated and stopped.
  6. Belly dancing
    I took classes for awhile, but I stopped due to being poor and not having time. I tell myself I'll teach myself from YouTube. But it's been 7 years and still nothing.
  7. Sewing
    I got a sewing machine and then it broke.
  8. Guitar
    My sister was teaching me and she moved. And then a string broke and I didn't know how to fix it. The end.