So, I only let my 2year old watch shows that I like watching. Because otherwise I'd go crazy, even if I'm doing something else. And because I don't want her channeling Dora or something else annoying. These are shows that we both like, in no particular order.
  1. Sarah and Duck (BBC/Netflix)
    This is the best. Each episode is broken into 3 mini episodes. It's about a girl and her duck. It's not at all focused on education, which means it's delightfully creative and whimsical. I'm pretty sure the writers just follow kids around to get their ideas. It's also a very calm and sweet show, fun to watch, but not hyper, like some kid shows.
  2. The Magic School Bus (PBS/Netflix)
    Classic. And still awesome.
  3. Octonauts (BBC/Netflix)
    Educational, so the characters are fairly 2D and the storylines aren't great, but it teaches about the ocean and sea creatures, using accurate info, which is cool. I've learned some fun stuff.
  4. Tinga Tinga Tales (BBC/Netflix)
    Animated Kenyan show based on African folktales. I'm a sucker for folklore and cool animation, and this has both.
  5. Super Why (PBS/Netflix)
    Like most educational shows, this one isn't as entertaining for adults. But my daughter adores it, and it's helped her learn her letters. I also like it because it teaches that reading is fun and it uses fairytales.
  6. Wild Kratts (PBS)
    I'm extremely bitter that Netflix took this off, because we love it. It's like an animated documentary! And I love documentaries.
  7. All Hail King Julien (Netflix Original)
    The lemurs from Madagascar. It's usually pretty great, though season 3 hits a slump involving numerous annoying characters. Also has a lot of juvenile humor, if that makes you laugh or bothers you.
  8. Phineas and Ferb (Disney/Netflix)
    I love this show. Any show that randomly mentions existentialist trading cards has to be awesome. It's definitely formulaic, which sometimes gets thin, but the majority of episodes are just fun. We'd actually watch this one without our child.
  9. Little Einsteins (Disney/Netflix)
    Again, educational. I do love that this one incorporates art, music, and science.
  10. My Little Pony (Hasbro/Netflix)
    Surprisingly awesome. I watched the original when I was little, and it wasn't exactly intellectually stimulating. As an adult, all it has going for it is nostalgia. But the new one is actually interesting, funny, and teaches good things without being obnoxious. My husband and I both like to actually sit and watch this one with our tiny human.