I'm not saying I have good taste in music. I am simply a child of the 80s.
  1. Hard Habit to Break (Chicago)...I will sing along with this one every time. And poorly.
  2. Everything in my Heart (Corey Hart)...80s Canadian heart throb alert. Every time I hear it I picture his angsty face on the Boy in the Box album cover.
  3. All out of Love (Air Supply)...Embarrassing fact: I've seen them live twice in the last five years, both times with my mom. Both times it was my idea to go.
  4. Africa (Toto)...I defy you to resist this melody. If you can, your soul may be dead.
  5. Take on Me (A-Ha)...That music video was/is a masterpiece. I want to sing along but who has a voice in that range?!?