some were marches
  1. procter & gamble sponsorship of a dental convention at the peabody hotel in memphis
    p&g are egregious vivisectionists
  2. fundamentalist christians convening at the pyramid arena in memphis
    i was part of a coalition repping all faiths, no faiths, animal rights, women's rights, all colors, all orientations, all descents
  3. pepsi advertising in bull rings and rodeos all over north america
    it was a tiny group i organized on behalf of S.H.A.R.K., and i had to pay for a permit-- free speech isn't free
  4. the u.s. embargo of iraq, marching in memphis
    this was in the 90s
  5. the post 9/11 invasion of iraq, largest march/protest i had personally witnessed
    this was in san francisco, ~2002