And don't really get here, in no real order.
  1. Weather: rainy days, foggy days, soggy and boggy days, cool summer nights and warm days with a sea breeze.
  2. Nature beyond what grows along the man-made trail; the ocean; the mountains; wild tangles of pungent bay trees; the smell of the Sierras in late August; a good thunderstorm in the mountains.
  3. Feeling inspired by ... anything. Living in a place where art is not only allowed but supported and encouraged. Where there is, for lack of a better word, culture.
  4. A really, really good cup of coffee that I didn't make myself.
  5. Greek yogurt! Especially Straus Greek yogurt.
  6. Farmers' markets. Vegetables grown in season. Wild seafood. Organic meats and poultry.
  7. Libraries. (Thank gd for e-loaning and e-books as long as my SFPL membership lasts.)
  8. A walkable city. A walkable lifestyle, really.
  9. Never having to use air conditioning.
  10. Recycling! Composting! Etc.
  11. Feeling like I have a place to belong. Maybe this is a universal expat thing, but particularly here you are so very obviously an outsider it can make you constantly self-conscious.