Based on an actual nightmare I had last night.
  1. So I'm doing my usual sleeping business. Wake up, and then go back to sleep. Then this one image pops into my sleepy mind.
  2. Through the misty confines of my brain there is this platform, and two characters running along. Jumping. Pinging noises here and there. Then they grew, and grew, and grew.
  3. The image became clear.
  4. I was dreaming of a Mario video game, 2D, platforms, but the scariest part of all. It was all Spongebob Squarepants based.
  5. Lo and behold, the two characters were Spongebob and Sandy the Squirrel.
  6. They're just jumping around, growing in size and the nightmare starts.
  7. Patrick comes out of oblivion, runs into Spongebob and the two go tumbling into a rumbling sewer system.
  8. They're sinking and swimming and drowning while I start to regain consciousness.
  9. I start controlling my breathing, and this is where the nightmare sets in.
  10. I try to force myself awake, but I'm still in sleep paralysis, so I'm watching these two childhood heroes drown in sewage, controlling my breathe, unable to wake up.
  11. I mean after all, it was all a dream....