"Yea bitch yea bitch I'm with Steve-O! IMMA WILD BOI FUCK AN EIGHTH I NEED O'S". -Machine Gun Kelly Shoulda died scale 1-10, 1=Hakuna Matata 10=Am I dreaming in my grave?
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    Alcohol can damage you as an adult, but man I gotta admit, I was a turnt ass little mother fucker back in the day. Looking back at it there's no way I should've been OK from me drinking that can, but it would explain a few things in the present day.
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    When I was 5 one of my uncles decided to throw me into a pool whilst at a family gathering up in good 'ole Lena, Wisconsin (my dad's home town). Little did he know that I had no idea he was going to do that, that I had no idea how to swim, and that I didn't realize I was submerged by water until after taking a gasping breath. Whats to say that another uncle of mine would jump in and drag me out of the pool, and then commence to teach me how to play video games. Family bonding is always the best.
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    I used to play goal keeper for a soccer club called FC Drive (now Chicago Fire Juniors). One game I collided with an opposing player whilst jumping for the ball, his shoulder into my ribs, and I made a little flip 4 feet in the air onto my neck/head. Enough to say that I was taken out of the game, and continued to throw up on the sideline for an entire 30 minutes from pain. I had a bomb ass breakfast that day too.
  4. 7-9 depending on how you look at it
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    Falling while mountain biking in the countryside of a foreign country whose language I did not speak. Came away with no broken bones, and just a few scars on my left side, but a nasty looking cut on my elbow. Had to find the nearest house to get medical attention, and then bike miles back to the safety of the hotel.
  5. The best part of the last story was e-mailing my dad about me falling to which his reply was... "Cool! Scars from Majorca!"
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  6. But with great pain comes a good ass fucking photo if I must say. I bled for this.
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