And I mean really break into song, like James Corden and Adele style.
  1. Waking up in the morning.
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    Just get up, take a deep breath of whatever smell is lingering in the room you just slept in and let you inner Beyonce shine because damn today is gonna be a good ass day.
  2. After the morning poop.
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    If you prefer to sing during, you do you boo, you do you. But I must even say that's a bit weird.
  3. Getting to work on time.
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    Granted this may cost you your job if you walk through the door, check tour watch, and start belting Swedish opera. However, maybe once you get a little bit of quite time you can hum that Swedish opera to your hearts content.
  4. Coming home.
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    I mean fuck yea right?
  5. When getting Arby's.
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    We don't really have Arby's in Chicago/Chiberia/Chi-Raq, so whenever I do get Arby's I sing uncontrollably.
  6. Getting the last straw at said fast food joint.
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    One of the best feelings that shouldn't be dimmed by the lack of pure vocal magic.
  7. After sex.
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    This one is a little controversial especially since you were probably singing during sex, so you don't want to be tiring yourself out right? But out of my experiences, post-sex duets (or quartets if you're into that sort of thing) are super fun. Who wouldn't want to sing a David Bowie-Queen-esque tune whilst naked?
  8. Before the before bed poop.
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    Happy thoughts before bed, happy thoughts and lots of relief and relaxation.
  9. When the Martians attack.
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    They'll kill you first and then you wouldn't have to deal with the rest of the invasion. Go down as a freaking angel voiced legend am I right or am I right?