My current TV shows

Everything my DVR is set to record new episodes of
  1. iZombie
    Consistently smart and hilarious. Something I expected from this creator team.
  2. Supernatural
    I'm usually a stickler for consistent and comprehensive mythology. Which is a testament to how fun this show can be. It's not above poking fun at itself which is one of the best things about it.
  3. Riverdale
    The soapiest of teen dramas. Names and not much else lifted from comics. Also a fun bit of mystery for flavor.
  4. The Americans
    Such a rich show you guys. I'm deeply invested in these characters and somehow the intense spy games seem secondary to them in this world.
  5. Criminal Minds
    Been with it for years and loved the dark and twistiness, intelligence and well developed characters. Seasons have been much more uneven as of late, but I'm bound to stick it out at least as long as Gubler does.
  6. Legion
    Adore this show. It's so gorgeous. Even when I don't know exactly what's happening I feel like the show still gets across what it's *about*
  7. Marvel's Agents of Shield
    Started watching for the Avengers connection; kept watching for Fitzsimmons. In love with Fitzsimmons. They are consistently the best thing about this show.