Things I Rant About

  1. AT&T
    They are the devil. I have spent many hours of my life trying to deal with their customer service. Their salespeople straight up lie. I have eliminated all of their services from my life and yet they still find ways to irritate me, like blocking my parking access with utility vehicles.
  2. People who can't merge
    Whether it's stopping at a clear yield, cutting me off, or merging using a TURNING lane, these people need to stay off the road.
  3. My favorite media
    There are TV shows so revolutionary and classic that if a person does not respect them then that person is the problem. My shows are a place of solace for me, and an extension of how I see myself. Don't hate on my precious babies.
  4. Being a cat person
    Listen I love dogs. I really do. However, cats have many distinct advantages as pets. Plus they a hilarious and adorable.
  5. Extra unnecessary steps
    I am a lazy person, or as I like to call it, efficient. I don't understand fashion trends like layered tank tops. There is no more warmth, just more effort. It amazes me how much people depend on condiments. Food goes to mouth. There doesn't need to be extra steps. When I'm taught something, I want to know the "why" of each step. "That's how we've always done it" is NOT an acceptable answer.