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10 day adventure begins today....
  1. My friend I'm staying with is friends with the guy that owns this brewery.
  2. Starting with a bang
  3. A zillion miles up, but Nick Cave is forever amazing.
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Archive.org is the best thing ever if you're a live music junkie (particularly for bands that allow/encourage taping.) I've been searching it pretty thoroughly lately to find and listen to concerts I went to. I'll update as I find and listen to them.
  1. 1.
    Leftover Salmon: 02/14/97 • Varsity Music Hall • Tuscaloosa, AL
    Great show from the wild Colorado band famed for their "Polyethnic Cajun Slamgrass" music that's a hybrid of bluegrass, zydeco, calypso, stoner rock, etc. I remember I was kind of hanging out with this woman around this time. We'd both made individual plans for Valentine's Day: me this concert, her a rave. We invited each other. Both stuck to our plans. I was scared of going on more dates when she told me her ex-boyfriend was about to get out of prison. https://archive.org/details/los1997-02-14
  2. 2.
    Leftover Salmon: 04/15/00 • Birmingham-Southern College • Birmingham, AL
    My friend's band opened this show and got several shoutouts throughout the set. This college often had closed concerts, so we'd sneak into them (not easy to do as it's a gated campus) or we'd ask randos to take us as guests or borrow campus IDs from friends of friends that went there. https://archive.org/details/los2000-04-15/los2000-04-15d01t02.flac
I'm gonna be in Chicago for ten days soon for a combo of vacation and work. I know the standard issue stuff like Wrigley, The Bean, Architecture Boat tour, etc. I'm looking to go deep on some off the wall stuff that the average tourist probably doesn't seek out.
  1. Food: Tell me the best spots for various Eastern European foods: Polish, Serbian, etc. Also really into Greek, Persian, Afghan, Nepalese, etc.
  2. Record stores: fire away
  3. Peculiar museums. I think I saw there's a Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art? That kind of stuff.
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Inspired by @macnchz. Such a great list idea. Probably a mistake to try and cobble it together halfway through the year without food photos, but here it goes.
  1. Rasika • Washington, DC
    This place is some next level Indian food. Definitely need to make a reservation for this spot. You aren't going to walk in off the street and get a table.
  2. District Doughnut • Washington, DC
    Off the beaten path doughnuts. Really good.
  3. Hot Diggity Dogs • Birmingham, AL
    Their angle is peculiar hotdogs (e.g. gochujang, pickled onions, Korean BBQ sauce or pickled ginger and seaweed relish dogs.) It was good, but a bit overhyped for what it costs IMO.
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A running list of things I'm into that I don't feel like doing an entire list about.
  1. These USA national team Pride jerseys.
  2. Forgetting to check the mail on Saturday and finding tickets to your Labor Day weekend plans in your mailbox on Sunday.
  3. My birthday was a few weeks ago and a friend of mine made cupcakes for the party that were frosted like the corpse paint (face paint) of Scandinavian black metal bands. 😂
  4. 10 day Chicago vacation starts tomorrow!
Saw a few lists like this floating around, so I figured I'd chime in....
  1. Freida Pinto
    I didn't like Slumdog Millionaire all that much, but a crush was born when I saw it. 😂
  2. Christen Press
    Was legit disappointed when she skipped the World Cup victory tour game in Birmingham to go to a wedding.
  3. Janelle Monáe
    Janelle hit the cosmic lottery: amazing singer, good actress, beautiful, etc. The rest of us are just treading water in comparison.
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I'll bite on a music list any day. In keeping with Conner's rule...living/active guitarists only. I'm sure this list would be different if I spent a million years thinking about it, but I just dashed off ten off the top of my head real quick. Inspired by @ConnerDouglas
  1. Trey Anastasio - Phish
  2. St. Vincent
  3. J Mascis - Dinosaur Jr.
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Good lord, I could never rank them I think. Music nerd-dom absorbs all my ranking energy. 😂 Inspired by @karlalucia. (I'm also so afraid the app is going to crash that I'm going to update it ten at a time until I hit 50.) DAMMIT. It just crashed on me with 9 loaded. 😭
    One of the few movies I saw multiple times in the theater.
    I love martial arts movies and this one has everything: great action, romance, tragedy, beautiful cinematography, etc. Also saw this multiple times on the big screen.
    How do you feel about astonishingly gorgeous filmmaking and a story that will rip your heart out?
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  1. So I've noticed there are quite a few John Mayer fans on li.st.
  2. I think he's even on li.st? I feel like I've seen him tagged.
  3. My question is has his participation in Dead and Company inspired you to explore the music of the Grateful Dead if you weren't a fan already?
  4. ....and if you are just exploring them, what do you think?
  1. 3.
    Grand Canyon National Park
    I've been twice. I went down in it the second time I went. It's incredible. I'd really like to do one of those lengthy camping/rafting tours.
  2. 2.
    Glacier National Park
    Glacier is stunningly beautiful. I spent about a week there. Only drawback is bears. I know bears are a plus for some people and they're majestic, but I was always nervous about stumbling upon one.
  3. 1.
    Zion National Park
    I've been to Zion three times. I think about it almost everyday. I can't wait to go back. I love it so much I actually keep thinking about moving to Utah (or Arizona or Colorado to be closer to it.)