Inspired by @krmckinstry
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    What band or artist do you own the most albums by.
    Either the Grateful Dead or Phish. They've both released countless full multi-disc concerts and I have dozens of shows for both bands.
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    What was the last song you listened to?
    "Good House" by Deakin
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    What is in your CD player right now?
    Kamasi Washington's "The Epic"
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    What was the last show you attended?
    Neon Indian last week.
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    What was the greatest show you've ever been to?
    Good lord. I have no idea how to even answer this question. I could maybe narrow it down to 5-10? I'll make this a separate, non-ranked list at some point.
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    What's the worst show you've ever been to?
    I'm going to answer this with a slight twist and respond with the show I was most disappointed by. The second time I saw Herbie Hancock. It was the last night of his tour, it was a late Sunday show, it was cold, and it was pissing down rain. Nobody in that band gave half a crap and it showed in their playing and body language. They had an eye on the clock the whole time. He was so great the first time I saw him but this show was a fat, steaming 💩 that night.
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    What's the most musically involved you've ever been?
    Never played an instrument but was in school and church choirs at various times. Have also been employed as a music journalist and a concert promoter over the years.
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    What show are you looking forward to?
    Really looking forward to Savages soon. Also Kamasi Washington.
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    What is your favorite band shirt?
    I really like this Godspeed You! Black Emperor shirt. It gets weird looks and comments sometimes which I don't like though. 😕 I only wear it to rock clubs now b/c nobody cares. Perhaps there's some meaning to it I don't know, but I just like the geometry of it (if it's shitty, I'll stop wearing it.) Some woman in the Atlanta airport took a picture of me wearing it with a disgusted look on her face one time. Didn't ask my permission to take pic and didn't even try to hide it. Did. Not. Like.
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    What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?
    Hmmmm. Henry Rollins maybe because you know he wouldn't bullshit around and would try to maximize the time. He'd probably be really fun to go record shopping with.
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    Who is one musician or group you wish would make a comeback?
    Sonic Youth. I feel like they had a lot left in the tank. I know why they won't though and I'm okay with it.
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    Who is one band or artist you've always wanted to see!
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    4 amazing albums.
    Radiohead • OK Computer // Talking Heads • Remain in Light // Spiritualized • Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space // Sigur Rós • ( )
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    How many music related DVDs do you own?
    I think just two. A Phish show I went to in North Carolina that was officially released and a Rammstein concert from Berlin since they have the best stage show ever.
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    How many concerts/shows have you been to?
    Who knows? A ton. Closer to 1,000 than zero is the most accurate number I can probably come up with. I worked as a promoter for years and can't name half of what I saw probably.
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    Who have you seen the most live.
    Phish. 39 times. I really want to close in on 50 ASAP. I squandered a lot of time not seeing this band during their early comeback tours (was a 1.0 snob for a while...only interested in pre-break up shows) and I've since realized the error of my ways and really want to hit that half century mark since 100 is out of the question at this stage in their career (unless I win the lottery then fuck it.)
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    What was your last musical phase?
    I'm always in a different musical phase. Really into neo-psych and neo-krautrock at present. Also loving a lot of experimental metal right now.
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    What is your favorite movie soundtrack.
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Tan Dun is one of my favorite composers. I love how he organically and seamlessly incorporates Chinese traditional arts into western classical music.
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    What is your guilty pleasure?
    Rammstein. It's just big guitars and shock lyrics and eurotrash synths that I probably wouldn't listen to if it were in English, but it is super fun in German.
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    What's stuck in your head right now?
    "Adore" by Savages