A significant coaching milestone for women was achieved over the weekend, but first a little background history to put some perspective on the achievement...
  1. Helena Costa
    A couple of years ago, Helena Costa was the first woman hired as head coach of a men's soccer team in one of the top two divisions of one of the five major leagues of professional European soccer (England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France.) She was hired by a French second division team, but quit before coaching a game because she thought her hiring was a publicity stunt. Deserving of the chance, but also principled. 💯
  2. Chan Yuen-ting
    A few days ago, a new milestone was achieved: Chan Yuen-ting, head coach of Eastern in the Hong Kong premier league, becomes the first woman to coach a first division men's team to a championship anywhere in world soccer! And she achieved this at age 27! Here's hoping she wins more titles and opens more doors for other women. 🏆⚽️