A Running Collection of Photos

Random stuff I take along the way that doesn't merit its own list.
  1. Today is the first real day that's looked and felt like spring. Trees are starting to bud.
  2. This one got a ton of love on Twitter. RT'd a few hundred times. 😂
  3. The Berlin Wall from last summer...
  4. About to baseball....
  5. Art show by Ragnar Kjartansson I went to earlier this year. Was amazing.
  6. View out of the hotel in Knoxville. Slightly bummed to not be on a higher floor because the road noise is real, but I'm also barely going to be in here so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Tennessee Theatre is 👌🏽
  8. Inside the Tennessee Theatre
  9. I should probably do a separate post for this festival but *shrug*
  10. Next level sunset tonight
  11. Pretty sure this place is out of business