This is such a great list suggestion. Thanks @andersun. I'm not going to go all classic rock superstars on this one. I'm going to try to think of a band that would actually work...or one that I'd like to try to see work.
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    Nick Cave (vocals/lyrics/piano)
    He doesn't have a classically great voice, but he's got style and swagger for days and holds audiences in the palm of his hand. My girlfriend doesn't particularly like his music, but said he's absolutely mesmerizing/charismatic on stage and said she'd see him in a heartbeat again live. Impressing someone not keen on you is a great starting point for a frontman. Anyway, I like his voice and his dark, brooding lyrics are the jumping off point for this band.
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    Efrim Menuck (guitar/backing vocals)
    I think the churning, powerful long form pieces Menuck composes for A Silver Mt. Zion and Godspeed You Black Emperor would be a nice challenge for Cave's lyrical sensibilities.
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    David Eugene Edwards (guitar/bandoneon/banjo/backing vocals/etc.)
    Nick Cave always has one guy around that can play every instrument under the sun, sing, and write music and I think the man behind Wovenhand is just the man for the job.
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    Christopher Pravdica
    Pravdica doesn't play the bass as much as he punishes the bass. The low end man for Swans gets the job done.
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    Rudolf Moser
    German experimental percussionist that in addition to playing standard drums builds his own percussion instruments. He plays unlike just about anyone I've heard. He'd be an interesting variable in the mix. He plies his trade with Einstürzende Neubauten.