Amon Amarth Album Covers: Ranked

Can't think of a better way to celebrate my newly discovered Scandinavian heritage than by ranking the album covers of Tumba, Sweden metal band Amon Amarth, whose songs largely revolve around Norse mythology. This has nothing to do with the music, it's purely art related.
  1. 10.
    The Crusher
  2. 9.
    Fate of Norns
  3. 8.
    With Oden on Our Side
  4. 7.
    Once Sent From the Golden Hall
  5. 6.
    Deceiver of the Gods
  6. 5.
    The Avenger
  7. 4.
    Versus the World
  8. 3.
  9. 2.
    Twilight of the Thunder God
  10. 1.
    Surtur Rising