Day one of vacation is in the books. Some pictures and anecdotes below...
  1. Left Las Vegas at 4:00 a.m. to get to the Grand Canyon.
  2. 3 mile, difficult rated hike at the Grand Canyon today. 2,000 foot elevation change in a mere 1.5 miles. 3 miles round trip with EXTREMELY steep trails. So good. Elevation kind of kicked my butt since it's about 5000+ feet higher than where I live.
  3. Having to dodge mules on the steep, narrow trails was interesting.
  4. The mules were cool, but I saw some downright absurd stuff on the trail otherwise: (1) a guy blasting techno out of a boombox on the trail. Not as bad as graffiti obviously, but damn obnoxious (2) a guy carrying a Papa John's pizza into the canyon (3) a woman wearing a half length fur coat.
  5. Left the Grand Canyon and hauled ass over 3-4 hours to get to Monument Valley to catch the sunset there. Was worth every ounce of effort as you can see...
  6. Another three hour drive to Moab, where we'll thankfully be for a couple of nights.