Early this afternoon, I start getting a decent bit of Twitter notifications on a tweet from 3-4 weeks ago. Not totally unheard of, but it's certainly not everyday business for a non-famous person.
  1. Here's the original tweet:
  2. Fully expanded (which I can't do here because of the square photo format on TLA), it's a pretty good photo. It's not Ansel Adams good, but it's one I'm at least very proud of to have taken with a cellphone:
  3. And then my girlfriend sends me a text and things start making more sense:
  4. So I go over to the US Department of the Interior's Twitter page to check it out and there it is:
  5. I'm feeling pretty happy so I click through and it's their pinned tweet for promoting National Parks Week!:
  6. So I'm sitting here like, "Cool, about 700,000 people are going to see this photo" so I tweet:
  7. And they actually respond:
  8. Y'all have to understand that the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior are kind of like rock stars to me. This is preferable to any famous person RT'ing me. They get millions of photos tweeted at them every year and they chose mine to promote the National Park Service, which is pretty much the greatest part of our government.
  9. There are so many better photos, but I'm not going to argue because if even one person is inspired to visit a national park because of my photo, I'd be beyond thrilled.
  10. And I'm lucky to have a girlfriend that doesn't mind me fanboying over a government office...
  11. Good start to the weekend 😎