Day two of the grand outdoor adventure of 2016 found us in Moab, Utah for visits to Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park.
  1. After the past two exhausting (one day of air travel and then one day of tough Grand Canyon hiking + 7-8 hours in the car) meant sleeping in a little was a necessity. Getting up at 7 instead of 3:30 or 4 was awesome.
  2. Day started off at Canyonlands. Vastly underrated park IMO.
    Grand View Point is aptly named.
  3. Upheaval Dome
    This spot was bonkers. Three mile wide crater with some bizarro rock formations in the middle. They think it was caused by a meteorite.
  4. Canyonlands
    The clouds were causing shadows to dance all over the canyons.
  5. Mesa Arch
    Mesa Arch creates a picture frame around the sandstone formations and the snow capped mountains.
  6. Arches National Park
    Landscape Arch is 290 feet wide and awe-inspiring. We went to Arches last year so we skipped some of the stuff we saw then to see stuff new to us.
  7. Day three tomorrow will have a visit to a state park in Moab and then we head to Zion in western Utah in the early afternoon.