Chicago Vacation Thread

10 day adventure begins today....
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    My friend I'm staying with is friends with the guy that owns this brewery.
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    Starting with a bang
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    A zillion miles up, but Nick Cave is forever amazing.
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    I eventually wandered down to the third floor from my sixth floor seat and it felt like a personal serenade by comparison 😂
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    Totally unplanned Robyn Hitchcock show tonight...
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    Tourist jamz
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    Pritzker Pavilion is a great concert spot
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    Skyline was looking good today
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    A stranger bought me a beer in a loud bar because I was wearing a Toronto Blue Jays hat and they thought I was Canadian and wanted to welcome me to Chicago 😂
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    Went to a record release party for a band I'd never heard of by myself because the venue was highly recommended. Was actually pretty good.
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    Bahá'í House of Worship for North America
    What a building...
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    The iconic Wrigley Field sign
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    My view for the game.
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    Marina City
    aka "The Wilco Building"
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    Buildings lit up for Pride 🏳️‍🌈