Inspired by @meg1
  1. Flight
    This shit makes no sense. I mean, I understand how it works theoretically, but it's still mind-boggling voodoo that it actually works.
  2. The vanishing point
    I just took this. Those tracks don't get closer together but here we are.
  3. Tides
    I'm the moon. I'm a gazillion miles away but I'm going to make the water on the surface of your planet shift. Whaaaat!?!?!
  4. Heavy shipping
    How this floats is beyond me.
  5. Restaurants with only one toilet
    Your restaurant probably seats close to 100 people. You have one toilet 😐
  6. The expansiveness of Earth's Oceans
    Can we really still not find Amelia Earhart's plane?
    Suggested by   @kate81
  7. Solar/lunar eclipse
    Suggested by   @shainadesai
  8. The popularity of Donald Trump
    He's too much.
    Suggested by   @k8zinker
  9. JFKs assassination
    Suggested by   @le_d