Concerts I Saw: June 2016

Here's the live music I saw in June....
  1. DIIV
    06/02/16 • Saturn • Birmingham, AL: Was kind of surprised to see this band play so open and loose. They took a lot of requests from the crowd, even attempting some stuff they hadn't played in ages. The more popular songs like "Doused" were played tightly and furiously. Was also surprised that they turned in an almost two hour show given that they only have two albums. Solid night of music.
    06/07/16 • Iron City • Birmingham, AL: Love these guys so much. Haven't seen them in forever and it was so nice to have them play where I live instead of having to drive hours to see them. I had a brutal head cold though so my enjoyment was stifled a bit. Still had a great time.
    06/18/16 • Library Theatre • Birmingham, AL: You don't see a lot of folks writing songs for cello and voice, but he's good at it. It's nothing I'm going to listen to on my own, but the crowd loved it.
    06/18/16 • Library Theatre • Birmingham, AL: Guitarist from Atlanta that did a bunch of cool, bluesy stuff. He sang an intense murder ballad that had the crowd on edge.
    06/18/16 • Library Theatre • Birmingham, AL: Imagine if Sun Ra played bluesy krautrock instead of jazz and that might get you in the neighborhood of what Lonnie Holley does. Mindblowingly good.
    06/19/16 • Spring Street Firehouse • Birmingham, AL: Great singer-songwriter from Seattle via South Carolina. Put out one of my favorite albums of 2015.
    06/29/16 • Syndicate Lounge • Birmingham, AL: Pitchfork and a lot of other music tastemakers have been endlessly fawning over her new album, Puberty 2, and with good reason: it sounds like early Liz Phair channeled through St. Vincent. That said, the show was a bit of a bummer...not because she played badly, but because there were sound issues and it was about a thousand degrees in the venue and it just never seemed to quite click.