Had no intention of going to Atlanta for game one of the NBA playoffs against the Celtics today but it ended up happening after scoring a pair of last minute tix for next to nothing. Had never been to a playoff game in a pro sport, so it was a no-brainer decision for me.
  1. My favorite thing about Philips Arena is how the support beams for the awning spell Atlanta.
  2. Gotta make the pilgrimage to the statue of hall of famer Dominique Wilkins when you go to a game. Since we had some time to kill, we decided walked down to Centennial Park which is just a few blocks away.
  3. You pass right by the headquarters of CNN on the short walk.
  4. There was a large group of Bernie Sanders supporters protesting CNN's coverage of the election. They were basically saying it's the Trump and Hillary channel. It was real shadowy and all the sign pics I tried to take from across the street sucked. That was fun and all, but back to the arena....
  5. Since my tickets were digital, they gave you hard tickets at the door in order to have proof of seating beyond your phone.
  6. Arrived to my seat not realizing they were giving away free t-shirts.
  7. That is a brightly colored bunch of shirts.
  8. I mean REALLY bright.
  9. Still love the Tron-esque pre-game.
  10. Not the best seats I've ever had, but Atlanta won 102-101, so any playoff win is a good night out.
  11. Briefly considered riding the downtown Ferris wheel after the game because I still haven't done it and I imagine the night views are great, but I needed to get home more than I needed a picturesque view.
  12. We saw a car on fire on the interstate on the way home, which I'd never actually seen in person...but it proved to be mildly terrifying. (No one was harmed thank goodness.)
    This is just some random google image...but you get the point.
  13. I got home to discover that Hannibal Burress had done a secret show at a club near where I live so my night would've been awesome even if had a stayed in Birmingham.
  14. Hope y'all had great Saturdays too!