Haven't talked to @dad3 in a while so I figured I'd hit him up with a list he'd want to see. It's a nearly impossible task to pick just 12 from a band that's put out sooooo much, but I'm going to do it anyway. List would probably be totally different next week.
  1. Touch of Grey
    If the Grateful Dead's heyday occurred before you were born (like it did for me), then this is probably one of the first songs you heard by them. It's probably a sentimental pick, but it's still a damn fine song so I don't mind including it.
  2. Unbroken Chain
    Another odd choice given how seldom they played it, but I just love it.
  3. Althea
    One of the few 80s songs I'm really in love with.
  4. Shakedown Street
    Straight disco funk.
  5. Box of Rain
    I apparently like the Phil jams.
  6. Scarlet Begonias
    I think I first heard this from the famed Cornell '77 show.
  7. Eyes of the World
    Love the laid back, slinky vibe on this one.
  8. Morning Dew
    I know it a cover, but Garcia's solo was always sublime on it.
  9. Terrapin Station
    The Dead does prog?
  10. Dark Star
    My young mind was not prepared for the first time I heard this on Live/Dead.
  11. Help on the Way
    This is the song that legit made me a convert to the Dead. The 1975 show that made up the One From the Vault album is still my favorite version of the song.
  12. Wharf Rat
    I don't know if this is a weird favorite Dead song or not, but I'm mad for it. Another slow burner ripe for some epic Jerry soloing.