I was planning on doing daily lists during my recent trip to Europe, but I had no data plan over there and the hotel wifi was often spotty (especially in Germany) so I'm going to do a short series of lists posting some pics from the trip.
  1. Church in Berlin that has been preserved in its post WW2 bombed out condition.
  2. Reichstag in Berlin. It's where the Bundestag (German parliament) meets.
  3. Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
  4. Holocaust Memorial in Berlin is an enormous sculpture you're meant to walk around in. Hard to describe unless you experience it, but it's a very powerful monument.
  5. View from within the Holocaust Memorial.
  6. Statue of Marx and Engels. Apparently climbing up in Karl Marx's lap for a photo is quite the thing to do (hence the different coloration on his hands and legs), but there was quite a line to do it at the time I was there so we didn't. It's way bigger than it looks here too so it's a bit of an effort to get up in his lap.