Favourite sports to watch.

I do enjoy watching a good bit of sport. Decided to limit myself to the top 5 I like watching on television because I'd watch just about anything in person.
  1. American Football
    I love the strategy, the power, the constant adjustments, the surprises. I can watch any football game and be entertained.
  2. Soccer
    I love the constant flow, the creativity, and how damn difficult it is to score. The best scoring celebrations in any sport by a mile. I can also watch anyone play soccer and love it.
  3. Basketball
    I'm learning to love basketball and I really enjoy it in the arena. I'm starting to love it on TV. I do only watch my teams though.
  4. Tennis
    I've kind of really gotten into tennis lately. I watched it a ton growing up and then fell away from it a bit.
  5. Volleyball
    I really wish it was televised more because I love watching it during the Olympics. Vastly prefer it on the court than to the beach version.