As I prepare to head to Utah and Arizona today, I'm already thinking of in-state trips to take on weekends later this year.
  1. Hike behind Noccalula Falls
    The best trail at this park in Gadsden is the one that takes you behind the 100 foot waterfall.
  2. Swim at Little River Falls
    Great view and calm waters at the base of the falls make this an ideal swimming spot. Located in Mentone.
  3. View a sunset on Mt. Cheaha
    Cheaha is the highest point in the state and often has stellar sunsets.
  4. Go to the beach
    Alabama has a short coastline, but it's pretty spectacular.
  5. View bioluminescent creatures
    In Dismal's Canyon in the city of Phil Campbell (yes, that's actually the name of the town), you can view Dismalites at night. These glowing creatures live on cave and canyon walls. This is one of the few places on earth to see these creatures.