Now that it's spring time and raining a lot, grass and plants are growing like crazy. This means gas powered tools. Which are loud. Between the condos I live in and the ones across the street, it seems like if the temperature is above 60, it's a weekday, and it's daylight, somebody is (probably unnecessarily) using gas powered tools. The offenders:
  1. Blower (rolling)
    Let's not mince words here: these things are satanic. Loud as hell, incredibly inefficient except for very specific scenarios. 95% of people that own these don't need them.
  2. Blower (backpack)
    To be fair, these work really well for their intended purpose. Loud AF though (notice hearing protection.) Using these as a substitute for a rake or a broom though is nonsense. Tidy up with these, don't do the whole job.
  3. Hedge trimmers
    This is some of the most bullshitty bullshitness there is. Loud and totally necessary. The analog or electric versions work just fine and as quickly and they don't peel paint of the walls with the noise pollution and gas fumes.
  4. Lawnmower
    Necessary evil. Crazy loud, but those push blade things don't work and grazing livestock isn't usually a viable option. These are fast & efficient and I begrudgingly accept them.
  5. Edger
    An entire tool for making grass look nice where it meets pavement or other hard surfaces. Who cares? Nonsense!
  6. Vacuum
    Worthless. Just use the damn leaf blower if you ever consider buying one of these. (Edit: just realized I added a pic of the electric version, but you get the point)
  7. Confession time. I put myself through university doing landscaping so I hate all of this shit. 😂 I was never really cut out for it but it paid really well and helped me stay in shape. Met one of my best friends doing it, but I don't miss it at all and never use gas powered tools now if I can avoid them. Still haven't gotten over the noise & smell.