Today is the 40th anniversary of the world premiere of Steve Reich's MUSIC FOR 18 MUSICIANS.
  1. I imagine most people haven't heard this piece of music...or even heard of Steve Reich for that matter.
  2. I didn't realize today was the anniversary of its premier until Reich tweeted this out this morning.
  3. This music was such a game changer. Its influence is all over music these days.
  4. Sufjan Stevens
    Once, when asked about his five favorite albums of all time, he cited only one: Music for 18 Musicians:
  5. St. Vincent
    You can hear its influence all over her music, but particularly on ACTOR.
  6. Jonny Greenwood/Radiohead
    Reich loved Jonny Greenwood's rendition of his piece "Electric Counterpoint" so much that he delved into Radiohead's music and wrote a piece using their songs as source material.
  7. Bryce Dessner/The National
    He mentions it among his favorite works of all time too:
  8. Shara Worden/My Brightest Diamond
    She's definitely let his influence into her work too.
  9. This is the original recording of it. It rules pretty hard.
  10. This is the other version I'd recommend to first timers.
    This version is on Spotify.
  11. Even though this version isn't as good as those two studio recordings above, it's fascinating to see it performed and how it comes together and what a feat of stamina it is for the performers.
  12. If you do listen, keep in mind that these works are purely analog. There are no electronics, no editing or studio wizardry, etc. The stuff he wrote for these 18 musicians truly introduced a new musical language.
    The 18 musicians are: 1 violinist, 1 cellist, 2 clarinet players, 4 women singers, 4 pianists, 3 marimba players, 2 xylophone players, 1 metallophone player.
  13. This was happening in 1976 and it's taken decades for it to trickle down into the pop music world. Exciting to think that today's classical music is shaping a generation of rock/pop musicians right now whether they know it or not.
  14. Hope any of you that take the time to check this out fall in love with it like I have.