You never know when you might need these in a text, on Twitter, on, etc. Only the truly crucial ones get saved. Most don't require explanation (I think), but I'll provide commentary when it seems possibly necessary.
  1. Static
    This one's really handy for people named Mark that have seen the movie, The Room, aka the greatest film ever made.
  2. Static
    Used 99% of the time with a friend that loathes a song called "The Line." But it works with anyone thinking about fucking up.
  3. Static
  4. Static
  5. Static
  6. Static
    For punk friends that occasionally lose courage during this political shitstorm.
  7. Static
  8. Static
  9. Static
  10. Static
  11. Static
  12. Static
    This is Bobby Petrino who got fired from Arkansas after having an affair with his secretary, lying about it, and trying to cover up their joint motorcycle wreck. I usually trot this out during scandals.
  13. Static
  14. Static
    For my music nerd friends.
  15. Static
  16. Static
  17. Static
  18. Local
  19. Static
  20. Static
  21. Static
    Local "celebrity" that's kind of an Internet sensation around here.
  22. Static
    For my friends that hate clowns.
  23. Static
  24. Static
    My favorite tattoo pose out ever.
  25. Static
  26. Static
    Every. Damn. Time.
  27. Static
  28. Static
  29. Local
  30. Static
    Mirror selfie at a bar in Denver. This brightens anyone's day I send it to.
  31. Static
    Poke fun at hipsters with this one.
  32. Static
    Saw this one night and couldn't get over the idea of an Anarchy plate on a BMW.
  33. Static
  34. Local
    Probably going to Muncie this fall and will use it approximately 5,000 times that weekend.
  35. Static
    I don't smoke, but usually use this to express wonder or unbridled joy. Shit just cracks me up.
  36. Static
    I have a friend that's a serious yoga practitioner, but who hates horses. I like to send him pictures of people doing yoga with horses. I have a whole folder of these. Sometimes my friends will coordinate and everyone will text him horse yoga pics at the same time. His girlfriend encourages this from us. 😂
  37. No set of World Book Encyclopedias will ever be safe again once you've seen this. 😂
  38. Static
  39. Static
  40. Static
  41. Static
  42. Static
  43. Static
    I don't expect anyone to get this, but dear lord, it is funny in certain circles.
  44. Static
    One of my favorite memes ever
  45. Static
  46. Static
  47. Static